Premiere: Wieuca “Snitches Get Stitches” (Official Music Video)

Athens, GA’s Wieuca release their new album, Guilt Complex today! Surviving the Golden Age is excited to help them celebrate the release by premiering the music video for the single “Snitches Get Stitches.” The track itself is Pavement-esque slack rock with some psychedelic flourishes. The video reflects the song in a lot of ways. There are scenes of the band performing but the floor is a moving image. Those scenes are interspersed with a storyline that is like an episode of Dexter except the main character is a woman. The band members are tied to chairs and a woman wearing a surgeon’s mask and wielding a knife is gleefully looking at them. She dances with a drill around the band until she finally drags garbage bags filled with the band member’s bodies to her car and pops them in the trunk. Murder and indie rock, who could ask for anything more?

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