The xx: I See You

Once again steering clear of traditional music and tunes, I See You takes all of the freedom and programming from Coexist, The xx’s most recent album, and morphs it together with today’s growing trend of layering complex beats with simple vocals to create a masterpiece.

The British trio spent the past four and a half years touring, creating, and experimenting, as is relevant in the new pallet of sounds that completes I See You. Led by Romy Madley Croft’s delicate, soothing voice, Oliver Sim’s almost jazzy vocals give an added texture to the indie-pop album.

The opening song, “Dangerous,” quite accurately sums up the outcome of the album; while The xx took a dangerous turn in some of their music, aiming for a more pop-like sound, they proved their devotion to creating something unexpected and hence endeavored to impress both previous fans and new listeners alike. The songs take up an R&B spirit, enhancing the underlying dance effect, and yet carry out an eerie indie calm. Though the album starts out lively and dynamic, it shifts moods midway as Madley Croft takes the lead once more, singing soulfully about being tested and dared, but overall, brave. Every song brings new life to the album, meanwhile giving a message of vulnerability, bravery through hardship, and of course, love.

It may have taken four years to create an album unique and both publicly and self appealing, but I See You is a reminder that hard work and a bit of persistence can truly result in something beautiful, both on the outside and within.

Rating: 8.3/10

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