New: Yoni Einhorn “Mr. Brightside’s Boyfriend (The Killers // Justin Bieber // Wolfgang Gartner)”

yoni-einhorn-mr-brightsides-boyfriend-the-killers-justin-bieber-wolfgang-gartnerWhen I first looked at the track listing for Yoni‘s new mashup, “Mr. Brightside’s Boyfriend” I was thoroughly unimpressed. The Killers‘ “Mr. Brightside” acapella has been used in a bunch of mashups and with how often overplayed Wolfgang Gartner is, I find it hard to believe this combination has never been used before. Maybe it has been used before but I have never heard it. The combo of “Mr. Brightside” over “Red Line” sounds so good. I do not really understand why Justin Bieber got dragged into the remix. His part seems negligible as best.
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