Premiere: Zach Harjo: Black Moon

Seattle-based songwriter, Zach Harjo is preparing to release his new album, Black Moon on September 9th. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere an exclusive stream of the album.

Produced by multi-instrumentalist Jeff Fielder, Black Moon is a lush take on Americana, indie rock, and folk. On opening track “Cemetery Dreams,” Fielder fills in mellotron strings and horns to create a sunny baroque pop feel. On the album’s titular track, belching synth bass and Beach Boys-esque backing vocals are added to what would otherwise be straight forward acoustic singer/songwriter fare.

Harjo said of the album “Black Moon is a concept record that explores existential dread and the human condition; that finds purpose in the absurdity. It explores mortality, romantic and physical disaster and self-medication. It paraphrases The Odyssey. It aims to be both accessible and joyful to the ear while juxtaposing some heavier content; I like the tension in that dichotomy. It is a fever dream. It (hopefully) develops layers of connection and meaning between songs through repeated listening and unravels universal themes in its specificity.”

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