5 Seconds of Summer: Calm

5 Seconds of Summer became online celebrities almost overnight. In 2011, the then college students posted videos of their cover performances on Youtube. Nowadays you can hear 5SOS’ song playing just about everywhere, characterized by catchy lyrics and a youthful resonance.

The Australian quartet’s fourth studio album, Calm was influenced by acts such as Green Day and Depeche Mode. It’s not difficult to identify the unmistakable 80’s and 90’s rigid yet effervescent rhythms. Calm opens with the boisterous chorus of “Red Desert” ingeniously alluring fans to venture on an odyssey to the desert of New South Wales. 5 Seconds of Summer sings passionately about their homeland’s ability to remove chaos derived blues. In “Teeth” hefty guitar riffs and arpeggio scales compliment the guys’ blaring plea for a cold-blooded woman to “never ever let go”. “Easier” displays a young couple in the middle of reevaluating their tumultuous existence and deciding whether to extend their relationship. Both tracks generate a melancholic mise-en-scene. Excessively upbeat, “Wildflower” is reminiscent of a retro love song. Social distancing called for an ingenious way to perform this new track for fans. Each band member filmed himself singing in isolation and was adorned by graphics of prismatic images. “Old Me” is 5SOS’ gratuitous response for being able to learn lessons from past mistakes. Deliberate snare rim shots in this track seem to highlight the hits endured while trusting the growth process.

Calm is mature in comparison to the band’s previous releases. Its vivacious tempos and overt adult-themed messages provide listeners with a lively experience. Although 5SOS is known as a boy band, they do have a rock parallel. This project embodies the fusion of these two genres. 5 Seconds of Summer have proven their ability to maintain a brotherhood while remaining relevant to fans and critics alike.

Rating: 5.0/10

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