The Academic “Permanent Vacation”

Irish indie pop rockers, The Academic, just released their newest single “Permanent Vacation”. The four piece band is somewhat new to the scene, but this track makes you believe otherwise. It may sound similar to today’s typical pop radio hit, but the subject matter hits home for just about anyone. Whether you’ve been through or you’re now going through the struggles of being on your own, making your own decisions, and creating a sustainable life for yourself; I’m sure you can relate to the struggles of growing up. The constant battle of wanting to be a kid, but also wanting to find purpose in life is said perfectly in the lyrics. I definitely ask myself on a daily basis, “what’s my motivation”? Not only are the lyrics personable, but the production is prime. The stacked vocal harmonies are begging for you to sing along. Check out “Permanent Vacation” now, so you can prepare yourself for when The Academic drops their debut album on January 12th!

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