BIJOU featuring Benny The Butcher “The Player’s Anthem”

The press release for “The Player’s Anthem” calls it Benny The Butcher‘s first foray into EDM. With his recent signing to Roc Nation, Benny The Butcher is quickly making a name for himself in the mainstream of hip hop so branching out into EDM make sense. The main issue with “The Player’s Anthem” is figuring out where exactly Benny fits in. Arizona producer, Bijou creates a hard hitting instrumental that straddles the line between house and bass. There is a small spoken word section that is replayed twice during the song that might be Benny the Butcher. The only thing that is for sure the rapper is one line “Ah…the butcher’s coming.” I guess it counts as dipping your toe in the EDM waters but it feels like “The Player’s Anthem” will hardly satiate Benny the Butcher fans.

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