Crushed Out: Want to Give

Crushed Out, Want to GiveCrushed Out: Want to Give
Stop me when you have heard this one before: rock ‘n’ roll duo with a female drummer and a male guitarist, both of whom do vocals. I’m talking about the White Stripes, right? Wrong! I am talking about Crushed Out but with their current configuration, will they ever NOT be compared to the White Stripes?

Probably not but the comparisons do carry some weight. Like the White Stripes, Crushed Out is not a simple band to describe. They dabble in punk, blues, and glam rock but their main genre is probably best described as alt-country. The album’s opening and titular track, “Want to Give” is a midtempo rockabilly track with a guitar part that is somewhere between Cake and Chuck Berry.

The album’s closing track “Country Star” is a more straight up country song with drummer, Moselle Spiller taking center stage for lead vocals. Her vocal style is somewhere between Kimya Dawson and Gwen Welles’ character, Sueleen Gay in Robert Altman’s Nashville. It’s not the prettiest sounding voice but the track is meant to be hokey–I think.

Overall, the album is not all that hokey. For modern rockabilly fans, Crushed Out do have something to add to the conversation. Want to Give may not be a masterpiece but it delivers some solid jams.
Rating: 7.3/10
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