Die Antwoord “Bum Bum”

On May 19th, Die Antwoord will release their new mixtape, Suck On This. The latest track from the album is “Bum Bum.” Ninja said of the track: “a girlfriend of mine sent me a voice note in a VERY spanish accent, that ended something like: ‘I LIKE TATTOOS BUT I WONT GET A TATTOO ANYWHERE, EVEN IN MY BUM.’ She obvz meant ‘ON MY BUM’ but she don’t speak English too good, so this little mistake suddenly popped a lil idea into my head! She sent a voice note back saying what i asked her to say… then i asked my boy GOD to bang me out a hot beat to run with this hype ‘EVEN IN MY BUM’ loop.” The beat is haunting and minimalist as it serves for the backdrop of Die Antwoord’s very sexually explicit lyrics.

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