Har Mar Superstar “Personal Boy”

Har Mar Superstar’s new EP is scheduled for release on August 22nd, but we get a sneak peek with the title track “Personal Boy.” For those of us who have heard previous Har Mar albums, we know how much soul is poured into the music. This track takes the more slow and sensual approach, but this isn’t a typical pop love ballad. The lyricism explores more realistic relationship goals and emotions other than just the sexual side. He talks about binge watching tv together and how he wants to cure their sadness by purely being in each other’s company. The music gives off the impression that it may be risqué and provocative, but we’re given a more heartfelt and vulnerable Har Mar. Even though the song reaches 7:30 minutes, I never sat and questioned if the song was going anywhere. They kept it fresh with a strong vocal melody and interesting chord/key changes. If you like R&B Soul music, definitely give “Personal Boy” a listen!

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