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light fm, buzz kill cityLight FM: Buzz Kill City
When I inserted Light FM‘s new album, Buzz Kill City, into my computer iTunes popped up with the album’s track listing. All the song titles were French. I thought “awesome, maybe this will be like Malajube.” As I listened to the CD, I slowly noticed a lack of any French content on the CD at all. Finally as I was researching the band, I noticed they were from Los Angeles-via-Chicago. I glanced at their CD and realized that the iTunes track listing was complete bunk. The song reported on iTunes called “Soleil” is actually called “Kill the Landlord.” So while I was trying to figure out what the song’s lyrical content had to do with the sun, I could have been doing something worthwhile like playing FIFA or something.
I try not to hold iTunes mislabeling of every single track on the album against Light FM. The truth is Light FM does everything in their power to make Buzz Kill City a pleasant listening experience. The group synthesizes lessons learned from indie rockers before them and attempts to make them their own. “For Better or Worse” sounds like a slightly slowed down version of Supergrass‘ “Alright.” Unfortunately, the track lacks the big hook of “Alright.”
The same could be said for “Homeless Love Anthem” which seems to want to be the Shiny Toy Guns‘ cover of “Major Tom (Coming Home).” The song is not quite as catchy but it is one of the better songs on the album.
The best song on the album might be “Kill the Landlord.” Despite its wannabe Dead Kennedys title, the song starts off with a 1950’s girl group drum beat and adds fruity synthesizers to the mix before adding in a big harmonized chorus.
Despite not having the most original sound, Light FM has managed to rip off enough groups from a wide enough swath of music that their main influences can not immediately be pinpointed. With a little work on their choruses, Light FM could have the ability to make a really great album. Unfortunately, Buzz Kill City is not that album and will have to be satisfied with just being pretty good.
Rating: 7.7/10
MP3: Light FM “Kill the Landlord”
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