Little Daylight, Terraplane Sun, & Flagship @ The Space, CT

The Three of Clubs tour was billed as a sort of tour-de-force of up-and-coming bands. Each band powerful in their own right but little to no overlapping style.

Flagship opened the show as by far the least known band on the bill. Their style was dense soundscape of synths, reverbed guitars, and Thom Yorke-esque lead vocals. Although talented, the sound did not excite the sparse crowd that had gathered; some members of the audience moved freely in and out of the Space while others chose to just sit and watch. Under less than high energy conditions the band did still put in maximum effort.

The crowd really began to get out of their seats for Terraplane Sun. The Venice Beach band’s style almost a complex 180 from Flagship. Their sound was stripped down: guitar, bass, drums, and organ. As the band played through selections of their full length album Coyote and more recent Friends EP, many audience members sang along making me wonder if perhaps Terraplane Sun was actually the biggest draw on the show. The band also highlighted a couple new songs off their upcoming full-length, including the album’s recent single “The Stone” which was well received by the audience.

When Little Daylight took the stage for their headlining set, it was obvious that they were indeed the biggest draw. It was harder to find members of the crowd who didn’t know the words to all the songs on last year’s Tunnel Vision than it was to find those not singing along. The band, having just wrapped up recording their debut full-length, used this tour to road test some of the tracks. Live favorite but not yet released “Mona Lisa” went over well with many members of the crowd singing the chorus by song’s end. Similarly, the set’s penultimate song “Run Around” was catchy, memorable, and energetic. Of course, the band closed the set with the song that put them on the map, “Overdose.”

Overall, it was easy to leave the show feeling like you saw the future of indie rock. No doubt that for whatever crowd Little Daylight drew as headliners now will grow exponentially after their full length release. Similarly, Terraplane Sun are set up for a bright future when they release their upcoming full length Generation Blues on June 2nd.