Marsicans “Throw Ourselves In”

Everything about Marsicans’ new song, “Throw Ourselves In”, is classic. From topic matter down to overall tone is something we have all heard in the past. You may notice blends of current alternative indie sounds with flavors of early 2000s pop punk and timeless lyrical content. This full sounding track is driven by a cymbal heavy and snappy drum tone, and rhythmically intriguing bass lines. In the chorus, the dirty guitar texture is the perfect enhancement to the chromatic chord changes. The main thing that puts this track on indie spectrum is the lead vocalists performance. A combination of the lower frequency warmth and mid range rasp is the formula for that indie vocal timbre. Overall, the melody and harmonic environment give you a sense of nostalgia. Listen to this track and tell me that you don’t hear Bowling For Soup’s 1999 hit “Almost”. Lyrically they are similar since they both talk about loving someone who doesn’t love you back. I think it would definitely make a fantastic mash up. When you get to the bridge, you’re still fed that pop punk vibe when everyone chants on the word love. Pop songs are constantly making songs interactive and I think “Throw Ourselves In” does that well.

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