Matisyahu featuring Collie Buddz “Confidence”


Hasidic reggae superstar Matisyahu has a new album in the works called Akeda. Yesterday he released a new singe from the track featuring New Orleans born reggae artist Collie Buddz called “Confidence”. Buddz performed a song “SOS” which was the entrance theme for WWE wrestler Kofie Kingston. His collaboration with Matisyahu is different. It’s stripped back reggae. You still got that typical reggae beat but the tempo is slowed down. This is Matisyahu giving a personal message about his confidence keeping him going. Apparently its been tough for the ever changing artist. His look is different, and now it seems like he’s trying to grow his sound. He keeps switching it up in this song between rapping and singing. Even the cadence of his rapping turns slow and drawn out as though he’s exploring what spoken word can do. It takes confidence to try something new, and here it is.

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