PartyNextDoor, is a certified veteran when it comes to manufacturing hits. He became a member of the Canadian based OVO Sound music label in 2013. Many of his collaborations can be heard around the world. PND has gained notoriety by writing and producing for Jeremih, Halsey and a host of other artists. Some of PND’s more popular pieces include Rihanna’s “Work” and label mate Drake’s “Own It”.

Released on March 27, 2020, Partymobile is the Grammy-nominated artist’s third studio album. In late 2019 PartyNextDoor was gracious enough to leak a few of the tracks via twitter. As anticipated, his fans showed their appreciation by requesting more music. Hyping the arrival generated an immense amount of momentum for the Ontario native. Coming out strong after a four-year hiatus was a smart move.

“The News” weaves the tale of a man finally coming to terms with his dissolved relationship. Deliberate lyrics reveal pent up feelings of resentment and love lost. Drake and Bad Bunny accompany PND on “Loyal (Remix)”. Honestly, can you listen to Drake sing “You’re my best friend” and not want to dance? It’s easier to allow the Soca infusion to transport your psyche to the tropics. Fellow islander Rihanna’s vocals are just the right amount of femininity the doctor ordered. “Believe It” is a tribute and plea of redemption to a woman scorned. Initially “Savage Anthem” gives the impression of a love song. Please do not be fooled by the staggered adagio tempo. PND boldly exclaims “Don’t hold your breath, don’t wait on my love!”. He clearly warns his romantic interest of the desire to remain autonomous and is inspired by an unsuccessful relationship with songstress Kehlani.

Every single track possesses an ambiance that inspires relaxation. The apparent electronic and island-inspired undertones of Partymobile stays true to PND’s aesthetic. There are enough cold-hearted vibes and love ballads to balance the album. Unremarkably simple, the snare and bass drums seem to sync effortlessly with all the electrical instruments looping in the background. Yet there seems to be a missing component. Overall Partymobile showcases PartyNextDoor’s innate ability to express his feelings unapologetically.

Rating: 6.0/10

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