Premiere: Ruark “Over Me” (official music video)

South Arkansas’ Ruark released his debut album, When You Coming Home in the winter of 2019. With the help of his wife, Alexa Joyce, on bass and backing vocals, the trio toured to support the album until the big shutdown. Recruiting Alexa’s brother Joseph Bethany as a drummer and backing vocalist, the trio are working on Ruark’s sophomore album. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the trio’s first recording, “Over Me.”

In a lot of ways, “Over Me” sounds exactly like what you think an indie rock band from Arkansas should sound like. You can hear shades of Tom Petty in the verses, strong male/female harmonies on the chorus, and a blues guitar riff comprising the bridge.

The music video, produced by Kelly Daniela Norris, has a campy horror feel to it with a whimsical circus theme and some psychedelic elements. As you would imagine for a song with a chorus of “don’t go crying over me,” there are some tears shed but maybe not by who you would think.

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