Sleigh Bells “And Saints”

Sleigh Bells’ pre-released the final track “And Saints” from their new album, Kid Kruschev. What an interesting promotion tactic. It raises the great question… What does the rest of the album sound like? The experimental rock/pop duo sends us off with a simple artsy song. Most of the track is one dynamic, but gradually intensifies as it progresses. At first, we hear a combination of angelic pads, as well as pulsating distorted guitar work from Derek E Miller. Vocalist, Alexis Krauss uses a mournful tone to express the heaviness of the ambiguous lyrics and repetitive melody. I know I’m interested in hearing if the rest of the album flows beautifully into each other or if each song stands gracefully on its own. Kid Kruschev is set to be released November 10th, but check out “And Saints” to see if you can predict the mystery behind the tone set for the rest of the album.

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