Soul Bandit “Anxiety”

Los Angeles producer, Soul Bandit just released her new single, “Anxiety.” The track juxtaposes a playful hyperpop instrumental with more serious lyrics about dealing with anxiety. Mimicking a cheerleader chants, she spells out Anxiety during the song’s chorus following it with lines like “crawl into a ball to hide” and “feels like I’m about to die.” Soul Bandit said “as someone who was diagnosed with anxiety in elementary school, I’ve spent most of my life trying to find ways to mask it, fight it, suppress it, anything to prevent it from interfering with me achieving my goals in life.” She continues “With mental health awareness becoming more and more prevalent and open discussions about anxiety/depression/trauma/etc becoming less taboo, I know that I am far from alone and that my daily struggles are also a reality for millions if not billions of other people. I really hope this song speaks to others who are in an ongoing daily mental health battle.”

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