Thee Oh Sees: Putrifiers II

Thee Oh Sees, Putrifiers IIThee Oh Sees: Putrifiers II
When listening to Putrifiers II, you may find yourself questioning when exactly it was recorded. Thee Oh Sees have created a piece of 1960’s rock music in the year 2012. Have no fear, the album does not sound dated or generic; it sounds more like a band who knows how to make damn good music while emulating heroes of the past. While it is not the entire album that channels the inner 60’s vibe, it shines the brightest when these sounds appear.

The album begins with a hard hitting tune in “Wax Face.” The track is filled with haunting vocals and fast paced guitar riffing. While it doesn’t exactly showcase what is to come, it does serve as a decent opener. Following that is “Hang a Picture,” a feel-good jam that sounds a little bit like what you would hear if Ray Davies joined the Zombies instead of the Kinks. These peaceful vibes don’t last, as they are followed by the intensely dark “So Nice.” “Flood’s New Light” represents a return to the 60’s sound, providing a great classic rock style that so many bands strive for these days. The pop-like chorus will get you every time. The title track follows, beginning down a dark path, only to pick up into a retro-vibe that again reflects Thee Oh Sees propensity for melodic choruses. “Will We Be Scared?” is a surf-rock inspired ballad that plays into the 1960’s theme quite nicely, showing a variation in style and sound. “Goodnight Baby” is another slow and dark homage to the past. The album’s final track, “Wicked Park” again shows the influences of bands like the Zombie and the Moody Blues. The acoustic backed track serves as a beautifully twisted end to a strange, yet enchanting experience.

If you enjoy 1960’s pop, classic rock, or anything psychedelic for that matter, pick this album up yesterday. The sounds that Thee Oh Sees have created are one’s that don’t come along every day. They take advantage of being trailblazers in that sense by making an album that reminds us where music has been, while still showing us where it intends to go. Rock n’ Roll fans rejoice, rock music is far from dead.
Score: 8.4/10
MP3: Thee Oh Sees “Wicked Park”
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