Video Rewind 01.17.2014

Disclosure “Grab Her”

Disclosure’s latest album is called Settle. The latest video is for the song “Grab Her” off the album. The video centers around a boss who is wildly inappropriate and has a Midas like touch as well. Only, he doesn’t turn objects into gold. Anything he touches no longer feels the force of gravity, but is propelled in the opposite direction. There is one unsettling bathroom scene where you can hear the boss snicker even as his urine showers his employee in at the adjacent urinal. And there is potential disaster at the end of the video. Standing outside the building after having completed a deal with Japanese businessmen, he goes for a handshake. This is quite terrifying when you consider what is probably going to happen.
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SKATERS “Miss Teen Massachusetts”

With their debut album Manhattan set for release on February 25th, SKATERS have released their video for the single “Miss Teen Massachusetts”. Let’s face it, when it comes to make sick people better the best advice is to leave it to the pros. Sometimes, finding someone else who is hurting creates this weird relationship where you both get better together. In the video, the four bandmates break into a women’s mental institution. Here, they begin to work on treatment plans for four women suffering from various mental disorders. Having used a chair to keep the actual staff from entering the wing, it first begins to look like treatment is going terribly wrong. Yet, slowly each of the four women are coaxed out of their negative states. But just as it looks as though everything will begin to get better the staff break in and apprehend the band members. The truth is that they are escapees from a men’s mental institute. Each one has their own condition which makes what happened more unnerving. Did they help or hurt their female counterparts?[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=ff6600&auto_play=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

RJD2 “Descended From Myth”

RJD2 has a new album called More Is Than Isn’t”. His latest single is “Descended From Myth”. The video for it features a musical automaton that sort of looks how RJD2’s music is actually made. You get no vocals or wordplay. It’s all just horns, and keys, and wonderful musical goodness. It is kind of creepy, though, as it reminds me of the robots that would strike up at Chuck E. Cheese’s. I didn’t always know they were robots, but something seemed off about them. As though they had no real soul. Enjoy robotic orchestra.

Ages and Ages “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)”

Ages and Ages have a new album out called Divisionary. Their latest single is called “Divisionary (Do The Right Thing)”. The video for it features children coming together to stand up to a bully. After a Che Guevara style rallying of his troops, one boy plans for retaliation. This comes in the form of water balloons and squirt guns filled with urine, as well as launching rotten fruit at the bully. That is, all but one kid agrees to this. Just as the unsanitary attack begins, this little boy whose bike was stole just stands there, refusing to participate. And after the victory is won, he won’t celebrate either. He simply gathers his bicycle and makes for home. An example of what is right in the world, he stops before he goes too far. This video sends a powerful message about doing the right thing.
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Trentemøller featuring Jana Hunter “Gravity”

Trentemøller’s latest music video for “Gravity” could be turned into quite a fascinating movie. The song features vocals from Jana Hunter. In the beginning we find ourselves in Los Angeles. We follow a man dressed well in a suit, with a business haircut, a brief case, and a fancy watch walking towards the highway. He passes illegal immigrants who attack stopped cars in the hopes of finding work for the day. Not our businessman, though. He heads for the onramp to the highway and stands there with a sign reading “Car Pool Service $10”. Quite the plan he’s got there. What follows is footage of the many drivers who take on his services throughout the day. Some he gets along with, seemingly as though they are friends. Others leave him uncomfortable, at times worried for his safety. But there is one lady that he seems to have a really great time with. Surprise, surprise, but at the end of the video she has swung back around to pick him up again. It’s all speculation, but clearly there’s an interesting day’s worth of anecdotes to be told about this type of work.
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