Video Rewind 02.06.2015

Tattoo Money “Melt With You”

Take a quick look at Tattoo Money and you’re probably not thinking Indie Rock. As his video for “Melt With You” begins, you’re thinking Indie Rock even less. The artist is a large man. Just look at the size of his calves. This man can do a number on you. The video sees him in a dance studio wearing a tank top and some short shorts. He begins to do his best dancing. There’s even a montage of many Tattoos all together up dancing in the windows. This isn’t what you think of with the Indie Rock, but I like where it goes. It’s hard not to get a sense of Tattoo Money, or find him quite endearing. Maybe he took a bit of a gamble with this video, but I think it was worth it.

Spazzkid “Goodbye”

Spazzkid’s video for “Goodbye” deals with two things that are probably as old as time. One, it deals with trust. How much can you trust someone even when you know them very well. Then there’s the old telling someone not to touch something that isn’t theirs. The video follows a man and a woman as they go off in the woods. The man’s carrying a case of some sort. They stop at one point, turn around, and find a man with both hands wrapped up, and his entire head bandaged. This gentleman is looking for revenge. The first man, the one with the case, slams the case on the ground and opens it revealing a shining white light. Our stranger with all the bandaging explodes before everyone’s eyes. Naturally, you just shut your case up, pick it up, and move on as though nothing has happened. As they walk, what’s in the case begins to draw more and more on the woman’s mind. At some point they stop for a rest, and the woman takes this opportunity to grab the case and sneak off. She opens it up and looks inside when she’s caught. Rather than make friends with the man, she tries to use it against him. We never find out what’s in the case, and I’d like to thank Pulp Fiction for helping to make that gimmick popular. So remember, keep your magic hidden away. People will try to take it from you. And always keep one eye open, especially when dealing with a pretty girl. You’re not always what she is after.
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Xinobi “Real Fake”

It’s amazing how you can like someone and find yourself staring at them from afar. Yet, when you get a chance to get to know them, and they’re sitting right next to you, you can’t help but look away. Xinobi’s video for “Real Fake” starts off with a young man at an indoor pool. He’s been swimming, but now finds himself watching the young woman who is swimming laps. He can’t bring himself to talk to her, even though they’re the only ones there. So, he jumps off the highboard and submerses himself in the deep end of the pool. Seeing that he’s not coming up for air, she jumps in after him. What follows is the young man’s imagination as he pictures the two of them washing up on the shores of some exotic island. They’re both hanging out here in their bathing suits, and yet he still can’t make a move on her. Next to a fire, or back in the water, he just keeps his distance. There is one point where he imagines himself lying on the sand with the sun setting, and she leans down to kiss him. We come back to at the pool, where he’s been pulled out and laid down on the ground. She has been giving him mouth to mouth, and he makes his move. She stands up wiping her mouth, and he’s lying there with a grin. Someone has been watching The Sandlot.

Diet Cig “Scene Sick”

Diet Cig’s video for “Scene Kick” plays out like a couple where opposites attract. The group consists of friends Alex Luciano and Noah Bowman. The duo come out in a laundromat, full cycles going behind them. Noah stands on the screen’s left and isn’t much excitied. Alex, she starts dancing. She keeps on dancing, even as the two are transported out of the laundromat to the park, convenience store, etc. She’s dancing showing high energy, and Noah is just over it. Until, that is, we get to the breakfast table. Alex is still dancing, but Noah’s sitting down to grab some breakfast. It’s unknown what his power cereal of choice is. What’s known is that it works. Breakfast is done and Noah’s got the energy to keep up with Alex. We could all use a high energy goofy friend who won’t get mad when we’re low on energy or emotions. They’ll just keep dancing until we’re ready to join them. That’s how you help somehow when they’re in a funk, even if it’s just a hunger funk.

Skrillex “Doompy Poomp”

Monday was Groundhog Day where we learned about all the groundhogs who did and didn’t see their shadows. As a result, we’ve no idea how much longer Winter will be unless we listen to the scientists. They say for certain we’ve got six more weeks. Who can forget Bill Murray’s movie Groundhog Day where he has to relive Groundhog Day over and over until he makes a change in his life. There’s philosophy in that, or at least a Buddhist lesson. Skrillex’s latest video for “Doompy Poomp” plays off the movie’s theme. We follow a local joe who is convinced he’s a big shot. He’s on his way to the bank to get a loan. We learn all about how much of a jerk this guy is, but his day’s about to get bad. He keeps getting denied. After every denial, he finds himself walking to the bank with a coffee cup in his hand, and it kind of freaks him out. The funny part is there are moments where things change. One time he walks in and everyone else is in their underwear. He leaves, returning only in his underwear, and now everyone is fully dressed. He tries dressing differently. He tries robbing the bank, one time even finding the bank is already being robbed. It’s just an overall tough day, and no matter what he changes, he just can’t get that loan.

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