Video Rewind 02.17.2012

It’s always fun when there’s a big holiday that was just celebrated in the past week. Of course I’m talking about February 15th and Singles Awareness Day. Sigh…fine, it was Valentine’s Day as well. No matter how you spent it, alone, just meeting that special someone, spending a romantic evening with that someone who’s been around for years and got it right, or perhaps just spending it with that someone who’s been around for years and doesn’t try any more (if they ever did), let’s sit back and enjoy this weeks Video Rewind.

Damien Fairchild “Valerie”

For all the Girls, the debut record by Damien Fairchild (troubadour-barber Drew Danburry’s alternate persona). The first video from the album is “Valerie.” The song plays out like my adolescence. The video, how I’d like my adolescence to be. You never find out if the boy gets a kiss, or takes one to the kisser. I don’t think most socials for the kids go down like this anymore. I have a feeling there’s more liquor and they’re not all pining for that kiss. And who drinks out of juice boxes anymore? I would. But it would depreciate my already low cool factor.
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Sleeper Agent “Get Burned”

Sleeper Agent debuted their brand new video for “Get Burned” on MTV. It’s a typical American tea party. One girl, four guys. A pastry monster. A tye-dyed doll. I’m not sure what’s exactly happening here. At times it seems fun. At other times I think it’s some kind of psychological horror story. And in between, that creamy center to this Oreo cookie, is the band rocking out. I think they may even take a page out of Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair”.
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Curtiss King “Dues.Paid”

I’m not really sure what about the video for “Dues.Paid.” I just know that it does. You get Curtiss King sitting on a bench. An empty outdoor basketball court behind him. There are plenty of places in CT that look just like this. In the summer at least. I think it might be the way I perceive hanging with Curtiss King, just the two of us, out at the court would be one of the more memorable moments of my life. Probably not his. So, in lieu I’ll take this video.

Crooked Fingers “Our New Favorite”

Learning how to walk. Losing teeth. Trying to catch an airplane in your hands. Taking baths with others. All these are part of the trials of growing up. The young girl in the video takes a solitary stroll through the local woods. How she finds her hidden treasure, I’ll never know. But what she does with the treasure I can only take for a metaphor as to how children can help put our lives back together.

DOSVEC “Not Afraid of Fireflies”

DOSVEC dropped his mashup “Not Afraid of Fireflies” earlier this week. Now, there’s a video to accompany his track. It’s interesting to watch what DOSVEC does with two videos. Mash them up, of course.
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  • Thanks for posting this! I love Crooked Fingers! Stoked to be included with them.

  • Emma says:

    Awesome blog! I love finding things like this, cause sometimes I get stuck on what to listen to. I’m a huge fan of Sleeper Agent, and am getting to see them this Thursday in Orlando w/.fun. I have a feeling it’s gonna be an awesome show :) Keep it going!!!

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