Video Rewind: 02.23.2012

YONAS “Fall Back”

YONAS releases the new video for his single “Fall Back”. It’s a coming of age song, or at least a reset button of sorts. If I had to guess, YONAS has had some difficulties. But he’s letting everyone know he’s still in the game. We all need people “banking on” us, so we all need to “fight through”. Big ups to YONAS for this inspirational track and a vid of him out in the real world. He’s not gone. He’s here. And he loves us all.
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DALEY ft. Marsha Ambrosius “Alone Together”

From DALEY’s debut mixtape Those Who Wait we get a video for the track “Alone Together” featuring Marsha Ambrosius. Wow, the subject matter of this song hits close to home. Maybe that’s why this video gets in the rewind this week. Or maybe it’s more to do with the interesting visuals, and that hair. Just look at it defying gravity. Similar to how he’s denying that she-devil that tore through his heart. Anyways, he’s not bitter. He’s quite practical. And so are the painted models. Sort of reminds me of a film school project, or in better quality. You can download the mixtape “Those Who Wait” at
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Cypress Hill and Rusko “Roll It, Light It”

Cypress Hill collaborate with Rusko for the five track EP Cypress X Rusko. As Sen Dog says, “I think dubstep is a natural progression of hip-hop,” so it apparently goes. Not sure what pure Cypress Hill fan’s will think. It’s different from there previous work. But it does have a ring to it. And the video features some sharp rhyming skills on a train that doesn’t make it over the bridge. That’s a real bridge, and not a bridge in the song.
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Lazerbeak “Lift Every Voice”

Lazerbeak of Doomtree fame is releasing an instrumental disc entitled Lava Bangers. The first single “Lift Every Voice” has an interesting video. Often, particularly when listening to instrumentals I envision animations I wish I could draw that would tell a story that coincides with the song. An interesting mix of animation and colors makes this an eye-catching vid. THough, if you suffer from seizures, beware.

Yuna “Live Your Life”

It’s her U.S. debut, and Yuna is lucky enough to have released this track with some production of the always popular Pharrell Williams, but worked with Chris Braide who has done work for Lana Del Rey, Sia, and Theophilus London for the album. The self-titled album will be out in April. It’s an interesting song. Musically its a bit upbeat, but lyrically, or maybe more vocally, it’s downbeat. We follow Yuna as she walks outside and describes her search for something amazing. Again, maybe this one hits too close to home. But there’s something about her that just screams “Keep an eye on me!” How can you not respect that. It’s called growth. The difference between being buried and planted.
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