Video Rewind: 03.09.2012

Here We Go Magic “Make Up Your Mind”

From their upcoming album A Different Ship due out on May 8th, Here We Go Magic release the video for their single “Make Up Your Mind”. What it has to do with making up one’s mind, I’ll never know. But lead singer Luke Temple gets to play some sort of leather wearing mystic with the ability to take control of women’s bodies. Needless to say, there’s obviously some sort of sexual connotation here. Still, there’s something to Temple’s odd performance that does make this video standout.
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Nite Jewel “One Second of Love”

Due out this month through Secretly Canadian is Nite Jewel‘s One Second of Love. The video for the title track is out already, and is quite the show. What begins as a group of women seemingly preparing themselves for some male strippers, turns into anything but. Is there some type of dark magic at work here? Not particularly. Just a really strange get together.
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Bjork “Hollow”

Bjork is one of those artists that I swear I haven’t heard from in years, but continues to come out and be relavant of some sort. Her new video for the track “Hollow” was made by Drew Berry who is a biomedical animator. Makes sense when you learn “Hollow” is off of her Biophilia project. The video literally looks at “microscopic and molecular landscapes inside Bjork’s body.” I kid you not. What you see comes from inside Bjork herself. There is no limit to the weirdness she will go to. And yet, it’s quite an interesting end product.

Steve Aoki ft. Lovefoxxx “Heartbreaker”

It’s a bit like the 80’s but in the modern times. Get your skates out. In this video for Steve Aoki‘s “Heartbreaker” featuring Lovefoxx we get a taste of the rollerink scene. You get the rink’s resident heartbreaker skating around just teasing the boys. This is why, guys, you don’t go running after the girl. You may not actually explode, but you’ll feel like you have.

Aleon Craft “Look Twice”

Off his 2011 release Mothership Decatur, Aleon Craft shares with us the video for “Look Twice”. The video features B-Boy Lilou, who is an “elite b-boy” of the Pockemon Crew. The video follows Lilou as he does his b-boyestness around New York City. On the streets, over a cop car, down into the subway, on the train, and back up top. It’s always fun for me to watch people who can dance like that and make it look easy. It helps that the track is good, too. So, enjoy the b-boy.
MP3: Aleon Craft “Look Twice”

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