Video Rewind 03.14.2014

Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones “Kentucky”

Because of my knowledge of basic geography, I know Kentucky is a landlocked state. Perhaps that is what makes Billie Joe Armstrong & Norah Jones‘ video for “Kentucky” so perplexing. The video follows a couple surfing in what appears to be an ocean…which is impossible in Kentucky. The other scene the video seems to concern itself with is the same couple in a setting which could be Kentucky. They are in the woods, swimming in a river, shooting bottles with a rifle, camping, etc. I really can’t reconcile what the story of the video could possibly be but the song is pretty.
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Dragon Fli Empire “Train of Thought”

Filmed throughout Europe, Dragon Fil Empire‘s video for “Train of Thought” is part stereotypical hip hop video, part tour diary, and part celebration of public transportation. In typical hip hop fashion, the video is a lot of looking at someone rapping. What is interesting is that he tends to be rapping on public transportation across Europe. We get to see the inside and outside of trains across France, Germany and Belgium.

The So So Glos “Blowout”

Beginning with a scream, the video for the So So Glos‘ “Blowout” treats the band as if they are the Beatles except in stop motion. The video takes the animation format of South Park to an interesting new level with mixture of photographs, drawings, and cut out shapes. Unlike the Beatles, the So So Glos are going down in a plane crash and news flash: they’re all going to hell. The video shows the poorly drawn band member in their own hell, which includes a Street Fighter game!

Franz Ferdinand “Fresh Strawberries”

Who would have thought watching two men pacing would be so interesting? Franz Ferdinand‘s video for “Fresh Strawberries” is filmed in vein of classic German cinema like M. Largely filmed with a single shot, the video follow frontman Alex Kapranos pacing in front of storefront windows. Through those windows, the viewer can witness another man pacing before taking alkaseltzer, a man playing with a lighter before lighting his hand on fire, and a man who breaks down a wall by leaning backwards in his chair. It is all very surreal but engaging to watch.

Asher Roth “Tangerine Girl”

After trying out roller skating for the first time last weekend with my girlfriend, I have a new appreciation for what went into Asher Roth‘s new video, “Tangerine Girl.” The video positions Asher Roth as a DJ at a roller rink. Of the video Roth said “I always prefer to use music videos as opportunities to tell stories. ‘Tangerine Girl’ was ideal for a bizarre love story at the skating rink.” Although I do not think the love story is all that bizarre, the skating is quite entrancing.
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