Video Rewind 04.06.2012

David Lynch “Crazy Clown Time”

Let’s get your weekend going off on the right foot. Or perhaps the left foot. Or maybe on no foot at all. David Lynch–yes, that David Lynch–recently released his debut solo album Crazy Clown Time last November. I had no idea but the fruit of all his labor is definitely something to talk about. He did what David Lynch more commonly does, and directed the video for the title track. It’s a party, to get your weekend set off on the right foot. And believe me, there ain’t no party like a David Lynch party. Good? Bad? You decide. This one needs to be viewed to be believed. And fans of David Lynch will be morbidly pleased.
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Rufus Wainwright “Out Of the Game”

From David Lynch to Tim Burton, sort of. Rufus Wainwright is set to release his new album Out of the Game on May 1st. We have the pleasure of seeing his video for the title track today. In it we have a library and the many faces of Rufus Wainwright. We also have, as the star, Helena Bonham Carter. The mother of Tim Burton’s children dons a librarian look for what appears to be the least used library I’ve ever seen. And the people who frequent the library, certainly don’t appear to have much use for reading. But things get interesting when a mattress is delivered. I like to believe this is how Cuba has successfully achieved such a high literacy rate but don’t quote me on that.
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Dubious Ranger “The New Eve”

I swear, those commercials should look like this video. I refuse to believe that everything is so perfect, and lovely by people brought together by a website. I think it more likely resembles this video. You get people who are uncomfortable to just sit next to each other. Unsure of what to do with themselves. It makes for an interesting video, even though I’m sure the actors are being directed what to do. Still, I like to chuckle and think that for some reason this is how the world functions. Dubious Ranger will release “The New Eve”, heard in the video, along with their new album Found Recordings From the Panda Valley Mining Company c. 1931 in May.
MP3: Dubious Ranger “The New Eve”

Garbage “Blood For Poppies”

They’re back. Garbage were big in the 1990’s, and it wasn’t just because of Shirley Manson. We see the quartet return in this black and white video for “Blood For Poppies” off Not Your Kind of People due out in May. I feel someone was trying to be too creative. But then, we have David Lynch this week. So, I do have to say that this video makes more sense. Or maybe I’m just wishing I could have spent a day at the beach with Garbage. Still, it’s nice to see the band looking stylish as ever. And they do own screen, or at least Shirley does. She’s still the focal point. Women in music videos. What would the world do without them?
MP3: Garbage “Blood for Poppies

Rita Ora featuring Tinie Tempah “R.I.P.”

The song was written by Drake. It was produced by Chase & Status of dubstep fame as well as Stargate. It features Tinie Tempah. The track is a blueprint for making a splash. The video for “R.I.P.” off Rita Ora‘s debut album. No idea what the title is, or when it’ll drop here in the states. But, she is signed to Jay-Z‘s Roc Nation, so it’ll be done professionally. The video reminds me a bit of something Drake might be seen in. We get Rita coming out to your usual flashy “look at me” swagger. Needless to say, if you’ve seen Rita you’ll probably wanna see more. And if you haven’t, I’m sure you’ll probably follow the web and go crazy over her as well. The song is a banger, even though you can feel the Drake-ness of it. But it is a nice way to get us ready for the weekend. Happy Easter.
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