Video Rewind 07.03.2015


AWOLNATION’s song “I Am” starts off with the lyrics “These friends of mine will come and go”. The video features the artist surrounded by a large group of people. How many are his friends, I can’t say. I do know that they stay around him at all times. They move as one giant dancing unit. There is a scene where they are spiraled around and in succession as dominoes put an arm up on the shoulder of the person to their immediate right. Eventually they collapse to the ground. It’s neat to see a group of people all working together, in a way showing how you can come together to support someone.

Active Child “1999”

Active Child’s video fo “1999” has nothing to do with the year. I would know, I graduated high school that year. It features a woman who is not conscious. A large creature is carrying her through the woods. The two are being followed by some gold creatures shrouded in thing, see-through black veils. The large creature places the woman gently in a boat on top of some fur skins. He rows her across a lake to where a priest and some other large creatures await. They walk off to a set of mirrors, where they take their positions, and the woman is laid down upon the ground. I have no idea what is really happening here. But if this were a movie trailer, I’d be very intrigued to see where this fantasy is heading. It is visually stunning to watch, and the choice of attire for the woman leaves me wondering what she was doing before she got into this situation. She’s definitely not dressed for the 1990’s.

Jason Derulo “Cheyenne”

Jason Derulo’s latest video for “Cheyenne” sees him trapped in a haunted mansion. He seems to be ok with this, save for the fact that he’s also trapped with the ghost of Cheyenne. To make matters worse, he’s not really in love with Cheyenne, but was only looking for a good time. Imagine what Cheyenne’s reaction was. There are some cool dance scenes, including one where his backup dancers are dressed and painted to look like ballerina dolls. There’s nothing terrifying about this video, but it is still interesting to see Derulo step out from his usual shirtless act with women just swooning over him.

Disclosure featuring Gregory Porter “Holding On”

Disclosure and Gregory Porter collaborated on the song “Holding On”. The video for it is futuristic and supernatural. It takes place in an extreme police state where the police regularly patrol in full black armor. Mariela is the focus of this video. She can see and commute with the dead. There are two men who argue about whether or not Mariela is the one to help them. She has to get a tattoo, though. Once she does, it appears she has telekinetic powers. This makes her a threat to the police state. The video ends here letting us know that it will be continued.

Rihanna “Bitch Better Have My Money”

Rihanna is back with a brand new video for “Bitch Better Have My Money”. There was a time where M.I.A. put out a video for “Bad Girls” and I was convinced that she was the baddest woman on the planet. Given the video for Rihanna, I have to say she must be included in the discussion. The video follows Rihanna trying to convince her accountant to give her back the money he stole. For most of the video she is holding his wife hostage, and treating her ungratiously. She does get her hands on the accountant. Sit back and enjoy what could be extended to a full length feature film with the right backing.

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