Video Rewind 07.26.2013

R3hab & Bassjackers “Raise Those Hands”

R3hab & Bassjackers have teamed up to release a track through Calvin Harris’s Fly Eye Records. That track is “Raise Those Hands”. The video shows us just what it is like, at the moment, to be Dutch djs traveling around and performing. You see the studio. You see the traveling, the use of smartphones. You see the concerts with people dancing and massive pyrotechnics. This doesn’t look like actual work, but let’s not forget there is a reason that not everyone is doing this. The track is very good with even Harris admitting that he spins it often when he performs. Enjoy it, and try not to think about how summer is more than half over.
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The March Divide “So It Goes”

The March Divide’s new album is Music For Television which you can purchase now. Their latest single is “So It’ Goes”. I have two similar theories on the video. It is plain to see that our protagonist is in bed and depressed. He looks up and sees a woman with a camera whom he recognizes. She backs up and heads down the stairs. He follows only to find a camera sitting at the bottom of the steps. He picks it up and wanders around the house. When he looks through the camera he relives moments of history he had with her. It is unclear if the two broke up or if perhaps she passed away. There is a scene where he is holding a baby as though the two had a child together. This is where he starts to hit the camera as though it isn’t working which leads me to believe that maybe this part didn’t happen. Perhaps the whole thing is a what could have been obsession by the end of the video. Hard to tell, but what I do know is that by the end it is nightfall and he climbs back into bed. He is obviously pining over something that has to with this woman. At least he got out of bed, even if he didn’t get far.
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iNCH “Artful Dodger”

In her new single “Artful Dodger”,iNCH continues to introduce herself to us Americans. Her video for the track shows her trying to track down a friend. The video begins with iNCH inside a camper with maps, and articles, and photos, and strings all connecting various things trying to find a common thread to what happened to her friend. She doesn’t believe he just disappeared. She goes out into the dark night to look for more clues when she apparently photographs a bigfoot. She follows the sasquatch to a cave that is well lit. Several more sasquatches are inside and it looks more like frat house than a cave. They grab her, seem to rough her up a bit. Then she joins their ranks, and plays guitar for them. Turns out they’re not sasquatches at all, but the people who have been going missing in the area. It’s been known that people disappear and try to start over with new identities. This is the first time I’ve ever known of them to this and become sasquatches.
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Fiona Apple “Hot Knife”

Many a reviewer had good things to say about Fiona Apple The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Rope Could Ever Do. One went so far as to say that the last track “Hot Knife” was the perfect way to end the album. I don’t know about that. What I do know is that love or hate the track it’ll probably get stuck in your head. I find it catchy, in its simplicity. You get Fiona, a drum, a piano at times, and that’s pretty much it. It’s the vocals that carry the song, particularly the way it sounds with “If I’m butter, if I’m butter”. It takes off from there. The video shows Fiona drumming. Sometimes she’s joined on screen by cuts of her younger sister Maude Maggart. As simple as it is, it is all that is needed as a visual accompaniment of the song. Paul Thomas Anderson directs this video just as he did her video for “Across the Universe” from the Pleasantville soundtrack. Both are great videos.

The Uncluded “Organs”

With their debut album Hokey Fright out now,The Uncluded have given us a video for their track “Organs”. The song plays out as a sort of public service announcement to be an organ donor. The video does much the same, still using that The Uncluded twist this time not on the lyrics but on the visuals. We see stop motion anime of a bugs. As some get injured others die. And so, the work is done to take what isn’t needed to the dead and to give it to the injured who do need it. We even get some hybrid butterfly, tarantula, beetle thing that gets its gun back. I like the scene where the body of a bug lying dead has drawers, as though you could just open it up and take out the organs. It’s kind of creepy, but also kind of cute. Pretty much just like the song. There will always be a need for the pieces you are made of. You may one day need a few pieces yourself.
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