Video Rewind 07.27.2012

The Raveonettes “She Owns The Streets”

We start with a shower head that reminds me of the ones I had in college. It’s displayed on VHS recorded format. This really brings me back to the days. What we have is a woman, perhaps the one who owns the streets, washing up. Now we get to the nitty gritty. She literally dances in the streets. It’s this type of child-like behavior we tend to grow out of. Start dancing in the middle of the street and you wind up looking like a fool, unless you can really dance. That thing she does with one leg on a fire hydrant and then other on a post is not Broadway material. Still, without a smile on her face, she enjoys it. The star of this video is named Loan. The song was actually written about her and her dancing on the streets of New York. The mellow pop of The Raveonettes is always enjoyable. The video for “She Owns The Streets”, off their forthcoming album Observer, provides me with some nostalgia for the days of my childhood where we didn’t care about high definition recordings. It was just great to own a movie.
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Whales in Cubicles “Nowhere Flag”

So you’re the last person in London. As you trudge through the streets, you ponder why everyone left just before the Olympic games. There, in a fountain, you find trillion pound notes. You leave them there. You’d rather wrap the city in “Caution” tape. This video must have been fun to make if only for the reason that you never see a city so deserted that it becomes your playground. Or minefield. That’s right. The ambitiousness of Whales in Cubicles and the video staff literally blow up London. Ok. So they didn’t actually blow up London. But they do demonstrate what blowing up of London would look like. And since no one’s in London, via the video, then nobody cares.
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The Knocks and Fred Falke “Geronimo”

As previously mentioned, the Olympic Games are upon us. For their video “Geronimo”, The Knocks and Fred Falke give us a different type of champion. 6-time Native American Hoop Dancing champion Nakota LaRance is the feature of this video. If there’s anything you can tell from his skills, it’s that he is certainly an expert. I can’t even get one hoop to spin around me. He uses several. Throwing them, watching them roll back only for him to kick it up in the air, a-la soccer ball style, and catch it. It’s quite a thing of beauty when you sit back and appreciate the control over his body he must have.
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Kreayshawn “Go Hard (La.La.La)”

Whether you’re a Kreayshawn fan or not, you have to admit there is something ridiculous about her–not in a bad way, in a kind of interesting way. So is it any wonder that the video for her “Go Hard (La.La.La)” would features aspects that make her look like she’s living in a comic book? You should say no. Fans of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” will appreciate the old Will Smith gag of standing with a white background that’s been grafitied on. Or at least has some interesting decals on it. Kreayshawn wants us all to go hard. I’m not sure that she went hard for the video. Still, I wanna have me a dance party with people in mascot suits. “Go Hard” will be a part of her new album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay.
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Guided by Voices “Keep It In Motion”

With a name like Magic Stan, how could you not be a fantastic magician? That’s who we meet in Guided By Voices video for “Keep It in Motion”. Magic Stan is very particular about the way he looks to prepare for a show. A little combing. A little magic. A little more combing of the beard. And magic. You get the routine. Still, this guy is pretentious enough to act like he’s the greatest magician ever. The only thing more entertaining would be to actually watch a Magic Stan show. If he’s terrible, it would make the show even better. Just a note, Magic Stan is not real.
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