Video Rewind 09.19.2014

Son Lux “Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)”

Son Lux’s latest video is for the song “Lost It To Trying (Mouths Only Lying)”. While the video features a couple dragging bodies through the woods, it has nothing to do with murder. As we begin the video the couple is facing each other and it is a tough time. The woman is crying, the man doesn’t want to touch her face. They take off in separate directions dragging lifeless bodies behind them. This is difficult work as both strain to get the job done through the muddy and cold forest. The man even stops at one point and throws up. We see that the body the man is dragging is his wife, and the body the woman is dragging is her husband. They’ve become weights upon one another. This will happen in a relationship. The question is, how do you get through it? When the couple meet each other again, the sun has risen and they drop the bodies to look upon one another. Hand in hand, they find themselves atop a large cliff over looking water. This is their turning point. Do they give up, or jump together to what ever may come. It seems as though they’ve found trust in one another again, and so whatever the decision they make it comes knowing the other is not a burden. You can find the song on Son Lux’s Alternate Worlds.

Sondre Lerche “Legends”

Last week I wrote about how important dance used to be to the world. Everyone danced. Like a musical, sometimes they danced alone, sometimes with someone else, and sometimes even in groups. It’s a great way to get your emotions out of your mind and out into the world. It frees us. In the video for “Legends” by Sondre Lerche we get dancing as a means of expressing oneself. True, it appears as though Sondre wakes up from some sort of all night bender in the bushes out by a parking lot somewhere untouched by the city. Perhaps its a park or beach. Doesn’t matter. The song itself deals with a difficult relationship that has come to a close, but it didn’t have to. Sondre gets up and starts dancing, supported by four back up dancers. You couldn’t tell from his movements that he’s just endured any hardship, but if he’s at the stage of acceptance, then he’s starting to heal. And what better way to show that something isn’t getting the best of you then to smile, lift your head up, puff your chest out, and admit that it’s going to be ok. Oh, and dance as if no one is watching. “Legends” can be found on Lerche’s album Please.

Whilk and Misky “Clap Your Hands”

To continue with the dancing theme, we get “Clap Your Hands” by Whilk and Misky. The video opens up with an older gentleman sitting on the beach as the evening comes to life. He gets up and makes his way towards the boardwalk. He starts dancing here as he journeys on through the night. The thing is, sometimes people look at a person dancing on his own and think “this guy is weird”. There’s always two things happening with people. One is what we see physically about them, in terms of appearance and behavior. The other is what’s going on in their mind. It’s good to see this man smile as he dances, and see that positive energy spread as the cashier in the store smiles when he sees him dancing, and the woman on the street smiles as she joins him for a dance. What he’s thinking about is his past. He remembers hanging out with his friends, and how they would dance in the vegetation, on the beach, and even in the water. He is lonely, but not alone. He wakes the next morning under a pier looking out on the ocean. He sits up, smiles and goes on his way. Dancing, it’s another knot that ties us to our family and friends, and is a road sign on the map of our life.

Interpol “Twice As Hard”

Boxing is a thing of beauty for me. A fighter trains hours upon hours, days upon days, without knowing what will happen. There’s only one way to throw a correct punch, or block, or dodge, or move. And yet, you can’t really gameplan for an opponent. You have to get in there and just wing it on the fly. But always, the first rule is to protect yourself. Failing to do so is how you get hurt. The best part about the training isn’t the physical benefits, or the way you come about looking ferocious, it’s the confidence you build in yourself, and the discipline you learn to incorporate into your life. At the heart, your training to fight yourself, because that’s the only person you have to be better than. What Interpol’s video for “Twice As Hard” shows is how training for boxing is very much a solitary act that can’t be quantified. You throw punch after punch, sometimes hitting a bag or person, other times just swatting at air. You practice foot movements, and stance, and you jump rope. It always disgusts me when I go to a gym and see people working out, but staring intensely into the mirrors as they watch themselves. Often, they’ll finish and flex while smiling. It seems so absurd to me. The end game for a boxer is to be better, not look better. It starts with what you have inside, heart. And in a way, it is twice as hard if not more, because the biggest change isn’t the one you see. It’s the person becoming better.

Lil Dicky “Lemme Freak”

Lil Dicky deals with a man’s inherent need to have sex in his new song and video for “Lemme Freak”. It’s not that Dicky needs it all the time, but considering how much work he has to put into getting a girlfriend, then keeping her, and finally growing old with her, he’d like to have some sex. His accolades are hilarious. Who wouldn’t want a man with rec league MVP’s, just washed his bedsheets, and has a refrigerator with the water and ice dispensers on the door. Still, this young woman in the video seems to give Dicky a chance. It turns into a lifelong relationship, but it has its up and downs. Though the song is crude, and the video equally so, it does break down the dilemma between men and women. He changes in his eyes an awful lot and all he asks for in return is action. This becomes a lifelong struggle for him, but yet, every time he points out how much he has to go through, he is rewarded. Sadly, it’s like training a dog.

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