Video Rewind 09.25.2015

Fort Lean “Cut to the Chase”

Fort Lean’s video for “Cut to the Chase” revolves around an evil order of Chinese food. This isn’t to say that Chinese food is bad, but rather that something deeply cryptic is going on with this particular batch. How bad is it? Well, what starts out as a date to a Karaoke club turns into horror. For starters, people in other Karaoke rooms seem to suffer immensely, and it’s not just the horrible singing. The female half of this date passes out and has one hell of an hallucination. When she comes to outside the club, we’re left wondering what happened, but the video let’s us know that this story will be continued.

Rose McGowan “RM486”

Rose McGowan drops a wicked surprise on the world by sharing her talented voice. The actress has released a single called “RM486”. The video shows McGowan displaying her visually artistic side. It features Rose dressed as five different versions of herself. What’s most striking is her face. Whenever people don makeup it always gives you a different perspective of what their face actually looks like. Rose’s is stunning. But the color combinations of all characters give the video tone and emotion. We start with a bald, all white, long finger nailed Alien and work to a Red Glitter Bomb. Those are McGowan’s own descriptions of the characters. The video ends on a bit of a sad note, as the camera is up close to McGowan’s red face and a tear trickles from her eye. Yet, even the path of that tear is mesmerizing as we sit detatched from what is causing it to flow.

Modern Baseball “Rock Bottom”

Modern Baseball are back with a video for “Rock Bottom”. The video centers around lead singer Brendan Lukens being pushed to do a music video by the manager. He isn’t even told what the video is about, but told to sit and play the guitar and sing. What takes place behind Lukens is a revolving set of life experiences. He’s not really clued into what is happening until we get to the post prom scene where he loses his innocence. It’s at this point Brendan looks back and says “fuck this”. He gets up and makes way to storm off the set. Make-up artists are trying to fix his make-up for another take. Extras are trying to mob him. One extra has a wound on his head from a picture falling off the wall and hitting him. It’s total chaos. Lukens takes to running off but the mob follows him. This is what rock bottom can feel like. It doesn’t have to be you lying on the floor in the dark. It can be you just finally having enough and saying “No, I need to get out of here.”

Peking Duk Featuring Benjaming Joseph “Say My Name”

Peking Duk’s latest track features the sweet crooning of Benjamin Joseph. The track “Say My Name” is a bit of love meets lust song. The video is all about lust. It features a mulleted, jean short wearing, cowboy boot rocking full blooded American. This man goes out into the street and dances gloriously. He seems to make everyone look with favor upon him. Even when he collapses a crowd rush to his aid. His pelvic thrusts bring him back to life, and now he’s got some backup dancers. All this is sandwiched between two of the worst pick up lines. To start, the man is sitting at a restaurant when the waitress comes over to ask what he wants. He asks, “One a scale of one to America, how free are you tonight?” She walks off in disgust. When he finishes all his gyrating he returns to the restaurant. The waitress asks if he knows what he wants. He replies, “Something off the menu, Me-n-u.” Once again she storms off, and he exclaims “I still got it.” That’s right America, we still got it.

Major Lazer featuring Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell “Too Original”

Major Lazer are more prominantly known for their Jamaican sound. In their video for “Too Original” featuring Elliphant and Jovi Rockwell, they head to a Greek restaurant somewhere in the U.S. You have old man talking. You have woman dancing. You even have the waiter dancing. The cooking staff is pretty balling, too. All in all, this restaurant is the place to be. It comes complete with a young mustachioed boy who can own a dance floor. If you don’t have plans for the weekend, hit up your local Greek establishment and see if you can’t get them to bang out to this basher.

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