Video Rewind 10.04.2013

DCUP featuring Mereki “Don’t Be Shy”

Australia’s DCUP has a new single out called “Don’t Be Shy” featuring vocals by Mereki. The video for “Don’t Be Shy” was released this week and stars Japanese model Kozue Akimoto. Kozue is your run of the mill Japanese woman, I can only assume. However, she is dating a mannequin. Nonetheless, she doesn’t seem to care or even notice what people around her think of this. She dresses up and goes out with the mannequin. She even spends quite a great deal of time talking to the mannequin, without waiting to get a response. Many women might consider this a perfect relationship believing nothing of worth comes out of a man’s mouth, or even that a man like this is a great listener. Yet, he still gets himself in trouble. When another woman plants a kiss via her hand on Kozue’s man, she gets angry and leaves. But all is well once they rejoin the next day at the club. She even goes home with the mannequin only to wake up and find a breathing person in its stead. It could just be a metaphor for the man being shy, or maybe it’s a tale of magic.
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The Darcys “Muzzle Blast”

The Darcys have a new album out called Warring. Their new single off the album is “Muzzle Blast”. The video was released this week and features a woman going back home to an abandoned part of Detroit. The video shows how a man made disaster such as the economic downturn of Detroit gets overlooked as a tragedy. The woman finds herself walking through her town visiting school, a diner, and even church. All these buildings abandoned as though no one lives, or has, for a long time. You see signs of vandalism, but mostly how abandoned everything is. There is a sort of freedom to it, as you no longer have rules to follow. Who is left to enforce them? There is a scene where the woman is standing where the altar in church would be and starts dancing chaotically. This is not how one would be permitted to dance were the church still active. But there is nothing here now but a building, some debris that has fallen due to lack of upkeep. There are no pews, no statues, nothing. You could find yourself completely alone to shout, to break things, to steal (were there something to steal). It wastes away, all because no one planned correctly how to provide an imaginary system of money. And so, those figures in a bank account become more important than a culture, a society, a city, a home. The visuals are quite appealing through the veil of dark. It’s always exciting to see something that resembles a ruin. Unfortunately, this site wasn’t a ruin a short while ago.
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Gesaffelstein “Hate or Glory”

French producer Gesaffelstein is set to release his new album Aleph on October 28th. His latest single from the album is “Hate or Glory”. The video begins with a young urban man becoming upset with another urban man who seems to think he outranks the first. A gunshot later, and the first man is walking off with his pride and the other man’s gold chains. He escalates in rank and standing among his contemporaries gaining more gold and power. The end result is that he melts down his enemies’ gold and bathes in it, thus becoming gold himself. This sounds like a terrible idea, and proves just so. Eventually, he starts to crack. Trying to run to a safe place, rivals show up for some retribution. When they shoot him, he explodes into gold shrapnel. I think this video is the only reason Kanye West doesn’t dip himself in gold.
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”Jungle “The Heat”

Jungle are a sweet musical act out of London. They are preparing for a release of their debut ep called The Heat. Their lead single is also the title track from the album. The video features High Rollaz. The Rollaz are very smooth in their matching Adidas jumpsuits. And it serves them well since these gentlemen are fine dancers and skaters. My favorite move of theirs during the video has to be when they roll past each other locking feet to stop and then pull themselves back. In conclusion, gentlemen of the internet, lock away your girls in the presence of the High Rollaz and Jungle, both acts are sure to catch your girl’s attention.
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High Highs “A Real Hero (College Ft. Electric Youth Cover)”

High Highs have a new single out, it’s a cover of “A Real Hero” by College featuring Electric Youth. For the video the band went along with some friends out into the woods and found a safe place to dive off rocks into water. Now, these certainly aren’t the cliff divers of Acapulco, but they sure do launch themselves from a pretty high ledge. It’s majestic to watch them slow motion their ways down through the air and into the water. The divers who really flip and spin in the air are quite impressive. Slowed down they appear to be in total control of their actions whereas I would just be wildly spinning. I’ve never done this type of thing but I have always wanted to. Perhaps one day I’ll get to hang with a band like High Highs and go cliff jumping. It’d be one thing crossed off my bucket list.
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