Video Rewind 12.13.2013

Young the Giant “Crystallized”

You can purchase the new Young the Giant album Mind Over Matter January 21st. Their latest single from the album is “Crystallized”. The video features the band in some sort of practice facility with cool lighting high in a tower. They have one giant window to look out of. What we also see in the video is what is actually happening in space at this very moment. There are a lot of rocks out there just floating around at high speeds. Sometimes they slam into each other thus changing their trajectories. Some of those rocks come hurtling at Earth. We find that to be the case here as three meteors careen through the Earth’s atmosphere catching fire. Meanwhile, high up in their tower, Young the Giant are able to watch these large, solid rain drops fall past their window.
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Pixies “Another Toe in the Ocean”

The Pixies latest album is EP1. Their latest single off of it is “Another Toe in the Ocean”. The video features an animated Frank Black having some sort of good then bad then good dream. He makes it to the finish line only to fall off a building but luckily lands in a truck filled with kittens. He’s attacked by missiles dropped from the air that explode and shoot out candy. He gets an ouchie on his arm which is kissed by a woman that makes him feel better, only then she is picked up by a giant baby only to be rescued by a Rambo impersonator. All in all, it’s a pretty rough ride for animated Frank. He keeps his head up about it all. Good for him.

¡Mayday! Ft. Anjuli Stars “Mortuary Mary”

Miami hip hop outfit ¡Mayday! are promoting their latest album Believers. Their latest single features Anjuli Stars on vocals. The song is called “Mortuary Mary”. The video is a stop motion anime that centers around the unfortunate dating scene in the land of horror. Mortuary Mary has horns, so I’m going to call her a demon. She is at the local bar which is looking rather dull except for the trio that is performing. Nothing quite like a band composed of Swamp Thing, a skeleton, and Anjuli Stars. Back to Mary. Her only options at the bar are a zombie and a werewolf. The werewolf offers her a drink, but realizing there isn’t a lot in the glass slobbers to fill it. As if that weren’t bad enough, the zombie’s eye falls straight into his offering. Things get worse at the movies, but I’ll let you see that for yourself.

Tinie Tempah Ft. Labrinth “Lover Not A Fighter”

outfit Tinie Tempah released an album this year Demonstration. His latest single is “Lover Not a Fighter” and features outfit Labrinth. The video features both artists in the middle of a bullfighting ring without a spectator in the stands. What we do have are two women and two sports cars. The women are driving the cars at high speeds as the artists do their best matador impressions. This isn’t the type of fighting I think Tinie is referencing, but he’s not much of a bull or car fighter. In the end, both women end up running over an artist leaving each lying on the dirt. They park their cars and walk over to help their victims back onto their feet. Here, it seems as though you can see that Tinie and Labrinth are indeed better lovers than fighters.
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Rebeka “Unconscious”

Some men just find it hard to let a woman go. For the duo Rebeka’s video for “Unconscious”off their debut album Hellada, the group used Polish director Martyna Iwanska. Iwanska also wrote the video which centers around a young couple. The male takes his sleeping or possibly deceased partner and places her in a tub filled with some sort of white substance. It appears to preserve her body. He then carries her around and goes on living as those nothing is wrong. He even throws a birthday party for her, and the creepy part is all the guests act as though she is not only alive, but perfectly well. There’s a dancing scene which is nothing more than the gent tossing her about. At the end of the video as Rebeka make their way out of the party, the female seated in a chair reaches up and grabs one of their arms without opening her eyes. A distress call to take her out, this video may be more about being in a relationship where you are controlled than some sort of taxidermist attempt to keep a loved one with you. Though, trying to keep something that’s dead alive is what abusive relationships boil down to.
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