Wolf+Lamb vs. Soul Clap: DJ-KiCKS

Wolf+Lamb vs. Soul Clap: DJ-KiCKS
The first installation of the DJ-KiCKS series released in 2011 pits Brooklyn DJs, Wolf+Lamb against Boston DJs, Soul Clap. The release marks the first time that two artists have collaborated on a DJ-KiCKS volume.
Mixing the two DJ duos together makes sense; Soul Clap and Wolf+Lamb have similar styles. Both are interested in sexy, groove heavy beats without indulging in the techno or electronica genres.
Throughout the mix there is this feeling that the groups are keeping the mix in the family. The mix heavily features frequent collaborators of Wolf+Lamb and Soul Clap like No Regular Play, No Regular Play member Greg Paulus, and Tanner Ross among others. But because the two keep the track listing so in between their group of friends, there are very few artists that draw name recognition. But to battle that the mix features an absurd amount of original tracks. Most DJ-KiCKS compilations contain one original track, but Wolf+Lamb vs. Soul Clap’s features nine exclusive tracks.
Most notable among the exclusive tracks is Soul Clap’s “Lonely C” which features vocals from Charles Levine. The vocals sound like a computer whining while the music sounds like a kraut rock cover of The Human League‘s “Don’t You Want Me.” Somehow the track still manages to be catchy and one of the more outstanding tracks in the mix.
As a whole the mix is filled with warm tones and deep grooves. It’s a little too upbeat to be called chill but its definitely not energetic enough to be called dance music. It resides somewhere in between and to lovers of the genre it is the kind of mix that can be put on and enjoyed front to back with no need to skip tracks.
Rating: 8.2/10
MP3: Soul Clap featuring Charles Levine “Lonely C”
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