Premiere: Yanimal featuring Ora The Molecule “4-25 (Wama Wama)”

Experimental electronic musician Yanimal will release his debut 5-track self titled EP this July. Surviving the Golden Age is excited to premiere the single “4-25 (Wama Wama).”

“4-25 (Wama Wama),” according to Yanimal, “is the first song that started the idea of Yanimal’s sound.” That sound is a mixture of krautrock’s drone and 80s synth-pop’s big melodies and driving beats. The overtop vocals on the track come from Ora The Molecule who Yanimal is working on her forthcoming debut album in a studio in the mountains in the South of Spain. Ora chants “Wama Wama” throughout the song making it sound almost tribal. Yanimal explains “Wama Wama is a dance celebrating life influenced by Ora’s half Norwegian, half Guatemalan roots. Both of us share the love for upbeat, celebratory and droney electronic music, while finding a connection to earth and nature.”

“4-25 (Wama Wama)” should be added to your summer mixtape immediately.