YG featuring G-Eazy & Macklemore “Fuck Donald Trump Part 2”

Hip-hop protests songs go as far back as the genre itself. With last presidential cycle, we saw some songs poking fun at Mitt Romney but he was a fairly innocuous candidate–a trait which ultimately lost him the election. The rise of Donald Trump is producing a much more visceral reaction because of his inflammatory rhetoric; you don’t have the highest unfavorable rating of any candidate for president ever for no reason. So with the new heights of political discourse in the United States comes new and slightly less imaginative political tracks.

YG‘s “Fuck Donald Trump” has garnered over a million listens on SoundCloud so a remix was bound to happen. “Fuck Donald Trump Part 2” features G-Eazy and Macklemore but the best line of the song still from YG: “This man is not peaceful/racism’s evil/this man hates Muslims/that’s a billion fucking people.”

While I’m sure politifact would have a field day with the track’s lyrical content, “Fuck Donald Trump Part 2” does a pretty good job of preaching to the choir.

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