• sleeper-agent-about-last-night-sl

    Sleeper Agent: About Last Night

    Sleeper Agent’s new album About Last Night consists of poppy vocals by 21-year-old Alex Kandel, br...READ MORE
  • my-chemical-romance-may-death-never-stop-you-the-greatest-hits-2001-2013-sl

    My Chemical Romance: May Death Never Stop You: The Greatest Hits 2001-2013

    Who deserves a greatest hits collection and who doesn’t? The answer to that question is usuall...READ MORE
  • CD100_out

    Overlake: Sighs

    Lately, there’s been an abundance of pesudo-shoegaze indie that all promises the same thing–...READ MORE
  • woods-with-light-and-with-love-sl

    Woods: With Light and With Love

    Since Woods creation in 2005, they have been putting out a ton of music at a very steady pace. From ...READ MORE
  • homeboy-sandman-white-sands-sl

    Homeboy Sandman: White Sands

    It may have come on Big Sean’s album, but “Control” belonged to Kendrick Lamar (apologies to J...READ MORE
  • school-of-language-old-fears-sl

    School of Language: Old Fears

    If a stranger approached me today and asked what pair of English brothers were making the best neo-N...READ MORE
  • 4_Panel

    King of Prussia: Zonian Girls… and the Echoes that Surround Us All

    Sometimes you need an album that can get you through both the beginning of new love and the end of a...READ MORE
  • honey-trees-bright-fire-sl

    The Honey Trees: Bright Fire

    Coming together from San Luis Obispo and Sacramento, Becky Filip and Jacob Wick make up the melodiou...READ MORE