Joywave “Going to a Place”

Joywave never ceases to amaze me. I can always tell when a song is theirs. There is something so unique about the combination of the aggressive drums, synth patches, and the cool relaxed vocals. One of their new tracks, “Going to a Place,” off of the not yet released album, Content, takes you for a ride. Each section is constantly changing. They start out the track with lone vocals with intriguing lyrics that immediately capture your attention. By the 20 second mark they break into their classic-alternative joywave vibe, but then they reign it in for the last minute to really make you sit and think about the content. If this song even remotely resembles what the rest of the tracks are going to be like, everyone will have it set on a loop. Check it out now or when the full album is released on 7.28.17. You won’t be disappointed!

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