Keep Shelly in Athens “Leave in Silence”

Close your eyes and picture this. You’re sitting amongst the summer foliage. In the distance, you can hear a soft twinkle of a wind chime hanging outside the window of a quaint cabin. As you feel the sun’s warm kiss on your face, you come to the realization that you’re sitting on your 4 seasons porch in the middle of the city. This was my initial experience listening to “Leave in Silence” by Keep Shelly in Athens. It’s down-tempo, ambient vibe sends the listener on a mind-cleansing journey. The tranquil beat and airy pads is hypnotizing. As soon as Jessica Bell’s 80’s retro lead vocal made it’s appearance, you are hooked. Her diction and tone with the atmospheric reverb is so clean and clear, it is as if you were staring into the deepest ocean and could see the beautiful depths that no one has seen before. Although this ambient electronic track is a bit on the longer side, it is a well arranged piece of art that keeps you guessing. The constant addition of new sounds and interesting rhythms takes you along for unforgettable ride. It’s definitely a track you need to check out.