Sad Palace “Melody Crux”

Sad Palace’s bass driven track “Melody Crux” is the perfect combination of 80’s synth pop and alternative rock! We’re given some juicy reverberant guitar sustain to start; setting up those high frequency sharp synth lines to cut through the attack of the rhythm section. The first thirty seconds has a constant build of instrumentation until the seductive lead vocal comes in. As the track goes on, you may find yourself wanting to dance the night away. Oddly enough it’s about partying all night, but coming to a realization that you just aren’t really that into it. At the 3:30 mark, the track reigns it in for a minute to represent that feeling. It almost sounds like an entirely different song within itself until the bands energy explodes back into dance mode. The impression of trying to keep up with the night is given through the soaring vocal line “the deeper you sink”. That’s the rock n’ roll lifestyle for you! The party never stops!

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