2015: The Year in Photos

While the evolution of smartphones and Instagram has largely made photography feel more disposable than ever, there is still something to be said about the power of a photographer with professional equipment. The ability of Surviving the Golden Age’s staff photographers, Greg Scranton and Audra May, to capture a still-frame in the middle of a live, moving concert that express such emotion never ceases to amaze me as an editor. Enjoy the best of their photography from 2015 – Adam Tercyak-Morgan, Editor-In-Chief

Greg Scranton 

Lower Dens

010 Lower Dens


Jana Hunter challenges the status quo in every way possible, as is testament to her slinking backwards down the front monitor during a cover of Hall and Oates‘ “Maneater”.

Of Montreal

009 Of Montreal


Of Montreal front(man?) Kevin Barnes a.k.a. “Georgie Fruit” describes his/her on-stage alter ego as “a black man in his forties who has undergone multiple sex changes.” Got it? Good!


007 Decemberists

Is it ok to take nice pictures of nice bands you don’t really even like?


006 Pill

Veronica Torres and Pill offer a refreshing reboot of pop punk meets avant-guard jazz a-la “Lydia Lunch meets James Chance at an 80’s arcade while listening to John Zorn on a transistor radio.”

Modest Mouse

005 Modest Mouse

Sweat-Tee-AF! A late convert to the genius that is Isaac Brock and Modest Mouse.

Jesus and Mary Chain

004 JAMC

“Brothers Jim (pictured above) and William Reid had been inspired to form a band as far back as 1977, having heard groups such as the Sex Pistols, and in the early 1980s they formed their own.”  I am old and in 1977 I was, at best, ONE! Now in their 50’s, JAMC still know how to fuck shit up.


003 Deerhoof

Seriously, one of the best live acts, musically speaking, touring today.  Don’t give me this shit about light shows, sets, and costume changes.  Deerhoof represent!

Acid Mothers Temple

002 Acid Mothers

COSMIC MOTHERFUCKING WIND IN MY WISE OLD GREY HAIR! If the name of your band is Acid Mother’s Temple you really don’t need tp explain yourself beyond that.


001 Ride

I’m not g0ing to defend the douchey fedora but regardless, Ride were spot on from the first cut to the last.  Long live shoegaze!

Audra May Photography

Hotel Lights at Mercury Lounge

010 092015_HL-2663

While I didn’t do a blog post for this show, it was one of my favorites of the year. Hotel Lights’ fourth album is due out in 2016 and I’m really excited to hear what Darren Jessee and crew have come up with.

Secret Someones at Heirloom Arts Theater

009 022715_SS-1021

I loved this moment from Bess Rogers during the last song of their acoustic set.

Jukebox the Ghost at Heirloom Arts Theater

008 022715_JtG-1958

Jukebox the Ghost is known for their on stage banter, and this shot of Ben Thornewill and Tommy Siegel shows how much fun they’re having.

Chromeo with Ezra Koenig at Governor’s Ball

007 060515_GB-7654

One of my favorite sets from Governor’s Ball, Chromeo’s energy never stopped. The audience went absolutely crazy when Ezra Koenig from Vampire Weekend joined them on stage for “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa”.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds at Governor’s Ball

006 060515_GB-0399

Noel Gallagher has always been on my dream list of musicians to photograph and one that I never thought I would. When I was learning photography in high school, I used to take photos of album covers of the musicians I admired. It was truly an incredible experience to finally have one of my heroes in front of my lens.

Little Daylight at Heirloom Arts Theater

005 022715_LD-1388

Nikki Taylor stole the night with her driving set, outshining the headliners.

Kevin Devine at Center Church

004 020515_KD-0464
My first concert of the year and such a powerful one. Kevin Devine belted out songs that echoed throughout New Haven’s Center Church.

Of Monsters and Men at Mohegan Sun

003 092615_oMaM-1432

The Icelandic group lead the audience in many sing alongs during the night, enthusiastically engaging the crowd.

Weird Al Yankovic at Governor’s Ball

002 060515_GB-9740

The first concert I ever attended was a Monkees tour in 1987. The Monkees weren’t impressive by any means, but Weird Al was absolutely amazing. 28 years later, Weird Al is still putting on an incredible set with multiple costume changes and nerdy intensity.

Ben Folds and Y Music at The Paramount

001 110115_BFY-3631

Ben Folds is one of my all time favorite musicians and the one that I’ve photographed the most. Shooting from the crowd, I saw Folds reaching an emotional peak of a song and snapped off a series of photos that I absolutely adore.

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